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Do I have to use all parts of ContiLifeCycle™?
ContiLifeCycle™ (CLC) comprises different modules that can be freely selected and combined. These modules are: Continental New Tires, ContiRetreads and Regrooving. Which combination fits economically best is individually different for each fleet. We are supporting the decision process with our experienced sales representatives.

What are the characteristics of ContiTread™?
The pattern design for ContiTread™ is the same as for new tires and offers therefore the same traction properties. The ContiTread™ tread patterns are performing best with Conti casings. But it is of course possible to use them with casings from other manufacturers.

Environment: How ‘green’ is the ContiLifeCycle™?
The main “green” characteristics are:

  • The fuel efficient design of new tires and ContiTread™ tread liners
  • The reuse of the casings
  • The extended mileage by regrooving
  • The recycling of end of life tires, including recovering energy by using them as a fuel